Burnt Biscuits, band from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, performs vintage bluegrass and gypsy jazz as well as covers everyone will recognize.

Steeped in the traditions of pre-war jazz and bluegrass music, founders Zach Draper and Elliott Esparza engage audiences with their unique approach to pop songs and traditional American classics. While music lovers will appreciate the influence that artists like Tony Rice, Nickel Creek, and Django Reinhardt have on the Burnt Biscuits sound; its their unique energy and musical intuition that wins the band a broader appeal among fans. Whether it be an Irish pub, supper club or a live outdoor event,  Burnt Biscuits brings you back to a time when banjos and steel strings were king. 



12/22/2020  7PM

Covid might temporarily halt our live shows, but it cant stop Christmas! We will be live streaming our Christmas favorites on our facebook page Tuesday December 22 at 7pm!   facebook.com/burntbiscuitsband/



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